Linked Pasts 9, Dec 5–14, 2023 (remote)

Call for activities:

The annual Linked Pasts symposium—which has previously been held at KCL, Madrid, Stanford, Mainz, Bordeaux, University of London and British Library, Ghent, and York—brings together scholars, heritage professionals and other practitioners with an interest in Linked Open Data as applied to the study of the past. Panels and working groups at Linked Pasts are more goal-oriented than a conventional academic conference, and activities and agendas are often proposed, developed and revised by all participants at the event itself. Activities may be new or continuations of work from previous symposia or other venues.

The Linked Pasts Symposium is a formal partner of the Pelagios Network.

The ninth Linked Pasts symposium (LP9) will be a fully virtual and asynchronous affair, better to engage with international participants and different time zones, and reduce the need for financially and environmentally expensive travel.

If you would like to organise a collaborative activity (workshop, training, discussion, editing or documentation sprint, annual report on special interest group, etc.) please fill in the form at <https://forms.gle/9XDBodiLEePq6BMz9> by November 5, 2023.

If Google Forms are blocked in your region, please feel free to email the answers to the following questions directly to <gabriel.bodard@sas.ac.uk>:

  1. Title of your activity
  2. One contact email
  3. At least two organisers of the activity
  4. Type of activity
    1. Workshop
    2. Training
    3. Documentation sprint
    4. SIG meeting
    5. Other (please specify)
  5. 100-word pitch to invite participants to join the activity
  6. Who is the target audience of your activity?
  7. Describe the format(s) your activity will take over the two weeks of LP9 (video meetings, shared documents, editing sprints, streamed workshops, live/asynchronous, etc.)?
  8. What will be the key deliverables of the activity?

Programme committee:

  • Chiara Palladino
  • Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller
  • Leif Isaksen
  • Paula Granados García
  • Gabriel Bodard