Steering Committee

The Linked Pasts Steering Committee is distinct from the programme committee of the current year’s symposium, who do the work of organising the event, although there is usually some overlap of personnel. The SC advises the local hosts, usually provides some members for the PC, helps to set the agenda for the community as a whole, plans for future events and helps to decide on the host a year in advance, and spreads the word about the symposium.

Current members:

  • Gabriel Bodard (University of London) (2020–24) (chair 2020)
  • Carmen Brando Lebas (École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris) (2021–23)
  • Kai-Christian Bruhn (Mainz University of Applied Sciences) (2020–25)
  • Gimena Del Río Riande (University of Buenos Aires) (2020–25)
  • Achille Felicetti (PIN, University of Florence) (2020–23)
  • Tom Gheldof (KU Leuven/CLARIAH-VL) (2022–24)
  • Paula Granados García (British Museum) (2021–23)
  • Karl Grossner (University of Pittsburgh) (2020–25)
  • Piraye Hacıgüzeller (Ghent University) (2020–25) (chair 2021)
  • Antonis Hadjikyriacou (Panteion University) (2020–25)
  • Leif Isaksen (University of Exeter) (2020–25) (chair 2022)
  • Katherine McDonough (Lancaster University) (2023–25)
  • Patricia Murrieta-Flores (Lancaster University) (2020–23)
  • Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller (Australian National University) (2020–23)
  • Jun Ogawa (National Institute of Informatics, Japan) (2023–25)
  • Chiara Palladino (Furman University) (2023–25) (chair 2023)
  • Matteo Romanello (University of Lausanne) (2020–23)
  • Élie Roux (Buddhist Digital Resource Center) (2020–23)
  • Marius Streinu (National Institute of Heritage, Romania) (2023–25)
  • Charlotte Tupman (University of Exeter) (2020–23)
  • Valeria Vitale (University of Sheffield) (2020–25)
  • Holly Wright (University of York) (2020–25)

Former members:

  • Kimberley Martin (University of Guelph) (2020–22)
  • Vincent Razanajao (University of Bordeaux) (2020–22)
  • Gethin Rees (British Library) (2020–22)
  • Richard Zijdeman (Utrecht University) (2020–22)